Case 695ST

Operating weight: 8.8 t
Digging depth: 5.81 m
Bucket load: 0.3 ㎥
Drive: 4
Engine power: 79 kW
Working speed: 39 km/h
Unloading height: 4.62 m
Loader bucket volume: 1.2 ㎥
Loader unloading height: 2.84 m
Minimum order: 4 h
Length:5.75 m
Width:2.4 m
Height:3.94 m
Case 695ST
36 €/h+VAT
Laagri, Eesti

Job types

handling,  stonework,  drainage works,  installation of utilities,  building foundations,  construction of reservoirs,  the construction of dams,  development of grounds,  landscaping,  brick crushing,  snow cleaning,  landscaping,  road construction


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