Contact us offers high-quality services for lease of construction machinery all over Estonia. Our aim is to provide the necessary construction machines at your request in the shortest possible time for successful completion of construction works. We will take care of finding the needed number of special machines and fulfilling our obligations. Our team values your time, therefore, you do not have to worry about finding construction machines, we will find them and deliver to the construction site on our own. Our employees will help you to select the mechanism suitable for the tasks. The team is ready to answer any questions; we believe in our mutually successful cooperation! 

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Aleksandr Najanzin

Aleksandr Najanzin

My main task is the development of the project, and I am also willing to help you in matters of cooperation and development. The main criterion of my work is the simplicity and innovation in developed construction machinery lease solutions. We want to create a convenient and high-quality work tool on our construction sites by using modern technologies.
Aleksandr  Najanzin

Aleksandr Najanzin

If you are looking for construction mechanisms and have no time to engage in endless search, I will help you to find the machines and will control the work execution process. I have international experience of working with customers and I am passionate about my job. I am ready to answer all questions and give advice on the selection products from our product range in any language that I know (Estonian, English and Russian).
Juri Najanzin

Juri Najanzin

I search for new partners and solve technical issues on construction sites. I am ready to apply my experience of 35 years in the field of construction machinery lease and to discuss the model of our cooperation. I also carry out quality control in our fleet and manage the timely improvement of the quality of our proposals.
Aleksei Borissenko

Aleksei Borissenko

If you own construction equipment, I am responsible for the integration of your fleet into our system, which provides innovative search for new orders. It is important for me that our company could provide a comprehensive logistics solution to the customer as soon as possible. The client should receive equipment in time, and the owner of the equipment additional work. The goal of our team is to create a convenient ordering system for the client and the owner of the equipment, taking into account the positions and rights of both parties. The main reward for us is positive feedback from our clients and partners.
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