How to rent construction machinery?

Unirent OÜ is one of the most successful and fast-growing companies in the construction machinery and special machinery rental market. 

Special machinery for rent will allow to carry out construction works anywhere in Estonia, regardless of where your site is located. Special machinery rental allows to achieve all the construction goals in the time allotted. 

If you are looking for construction machinery, cooperation with us is the best solution for your business, as we have all the necessary special machinery for rent on favourable terms. 

We made it easy to search for the machinery on our website by installing the convenient settings filter. You need to select the category of interest, select the relevant filer parameters and to click “Search”. Then, you will be able to learn about the additional parameters of construction machinery or just immediately send an inquiry through our system.  

Also, you can always:

  • Contact us by phone + 372 5620 5016
  • Send a request by e-mail:
  • Come directly to our office located at Peterburi tee 90f-22, Tallinn, Estonia

Our experts are happy to provide full information about the benefits of working with our company and the possibilities of cooperation in construction machinery rental throughout Estonia.

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