Privacy Notice

Unirent OÜ (Company Registration Number 14035077) located at Peterburi tee 53 - 403, 11415 Tallinn, Estonia, is the controller of personal data of our customers and has appointed a Data Protection Officer (

The term "us" or "we" refers to the owner of the Unirent app, Unirent OÜ, a private limited company, founded in the Republic of Estonia.

1. Personal data we process

  • Name, phone number, e-mail address.
  • Geolocation of the customer object.
  • Payment information.
  • Information about disputes.
  • Identification data of the device on which the Unirent app has been installed.

2. Purpose of the process

  • We collect and process personal data for the purpose of connecting our customers who use equipment for rent with companies who provide rental equipment to help them accomplish their rental needs.
  • Geolocation and driving routes are processed to analyze the geographical area and give suggestions to the operators. If you do not want to disclose your geolocation for the customers, you must close the Unirent app or indicate in the Unirent app that you are offline and currently are not providing rental services.
  • We may use geolocation data to resolve quality issues related to rental services.
  • We use contact details to notify customers of updates to the Unirent app.
  • We collect data of the routes taken by rental equipment operators and customers to analyze the geographic coverage in order to provide recommendations to the operators about most efficient routes.
  • Your name, phone number and e-mail will be used to communicate with you.
  • We obtain payment details to process customer payment on behalf of rental equipment services.
  • Customer support data is collected on a case-by-case basis and stored for the purpose of resolving disputes and service quality issues.

3. Legal Basis

  • Personal data is processed for the performance of the contract concluded with the rental equipment company. The prerequisite for the use of the Unirent services is the processing of company operator's identification and geolocation data.

4. Recipients

  • The personal data of customer is only disclosed to rental equipment company who has activated Unirent app; in such case, operator will see the name, phone number and geolocation data of the customer order.
  • After providing the rental service, the name and the telephone number of the customers will remain visible to the rental equipment company who performed the job for you. This is necessary for rental equipment company to resolve any issues associated with service provision.
  • Feedback given by customers regarding the quality of the service is anonymous and rental equipment companies do not receive names and telephone numbers of the customers who provided rating and feedback.

5. Security and access

  • Any personal data collected in the course of providing services is transferred to and stored in the data centers of Zone Media LTD, which are located in the territories of a Member States of the European Union. Only authorized employees of Unirent OÜ and partners have access to the personal data and they may access the data only for the purpose of resolving issues associated with the use of the services (including disputes regarding transportation services).
  • Unirent OÜ and partners can access personal data to the extent necessary to provide customer support in the respective country.
  • For research and scientific purposes, the data is used in unidentified form (anonymized)

6. Access, correction, retention, deletion and data portability

  • Your personal data will be stored as long as you have an active Unirent account. 
  • Personal data can be viewed and corrected in Unirent B2B cabinet or via support email (
  • Your personal data will be stored as long as you have an active Unirent account. If your account will be closed the personal data will be stored for additional 3-year period.
  • Data necessary for accounting purposes shall be stored for 7 years.
  • In the event of suspicions of an administrational or criminal offence, fraud or false information, the data shall be stored for 10 years.
  • In the event of disputes, the data shall be retained until the claim is satisfied or the expiry date of such claims.
  • We respond to the request for deleting and transferring personal data submitted by an e-mail within a month and specify the period of data deletion and transfer.

7. Direct marketing

  • We will only use your e-mail address and/ or phone number to send direct marketing messages if you have given us permission to do so via the Unirent website or via the Unirent app. We may personalize direct marketing messages using the information how you use Unirent services.
  • If you no longer wish to receive direct marketing messages, please click the “Unsubscribe” link in the footer of our e-mail.

8. Dispute resolution

  • Disputes relating to the processing of personal data are resolved through customer support ( or by contacting Unirent Data Protection Officer (
  • The supervisory authority is the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate which can be contacted by email

EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”)

Beginning May 25, 2018, the processing of personal data of users in the European Union is subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”).

This section summarizes Unirent grounds for processing personal information under the GDPR, and the rights of EU users as relates to Unirent handling of personal information.

Beginning May 25, 2018, the processing of personal data of users in the European Union is subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”). This section provides information as relates to EU users' rights, and Unirent responsibilities, under this regulation.

1. EU User Rights

If you are an Unirent user in the EU, you have the following rights with respect to Unirent's handling of your personal information. To exercise these rights, please send your request to (

Users outside the EU may also request explanation, correction, deletion or copies of their personal data.

a. Explanation and copies of your data

  • You have the right to request an explanation of the information that Unirent has about you and how Unirent uses that information.
  • You also have the right to receive a copy of the information that Unirent collects about you if collected on the basis of consent or because Unirent requires the information to provide the services that you request.

b. Correction

  • If Unirent has information about you that you believe is inaccurate, you have the right to request correction of your information. Please see the section titled “Explanation, Copies and Correction” below for more information on correcting, or requesting correction of, your information.

c. Deletion

  • Users may request deletion of their accounts at any time. Users may request deletion through the support email ( We may retain certain information about you as required by law and for legitimate business purposes permitted by law.

d. Objections and complaints

  • Users in the EU have the right to object to Unirent's processing of personal data, including for marketing purposes based on profiling and/or automated decision making. Unirent may continue to process your information notwithstanding the objection to the extent permitted under GDPR.
  • The supervisory authority is the Estonian Data Protection Inspectorate which can be contacted by email (
  • You may also submit questions, comments or complaints to Unirent's Data Protection Officer.

2. Grounds for Processing

  • The GDPR requires that companies processing the personal data of EU users do so on the basis of specific legal grounds. As described below, Unirent processes the information of EU users based on one or more of the grounds specified under the GDPR:

a. The processing is necessary to provide the services and features you request

  • Unirent must collect and use certain information in order to provide its services. This includes:
    • User profile information that is necessary to establish and maintain your account, including to verify your identity; enable communications with you about your trips, orders and accounts; and to enable you to make payments or receive earnings.
    • Background check Information necessary to enable drivers to provide rental services through the Unirent app and Website.
    • Operator location Information, which is necessary to match operators with works and to track movements while in-progress and suggest navigation.
    • Transaction information, which is necessary to generate and maintain in connection with your use of Unirent's services.
    • Usage information, which is necessary to maintain, optimize and enhance Unirent's services, including to determine, sometimes in combination with other information, incentives, connect riders and drivers, and calculate costs of trips and driver earnings.
  • Collection and use of this information is a requirement for using Unirent's apps.

b. The processing is necessary to protect the vital interests of our users or of others

  • Unirent may process personal information, including disclosing data with law enforcement authorities in case of threats to the safety of users or of others.

c. The processing is necessary for Unirent's legitimate interests

  • Unirent collects and uses personal information to the extent necessary for its legitimate interests. This includes collecting and using information:
    • To maintain and enhance our users' safety and security. For example, we collect background check information (where permitted by law) to prevent unsafe users from providing services through our apps. We also use personal information to prevent use of our services by users who have engaged in inappropriate or dangerous behavior, such as by retaining information of banned users to prevent their use of Unirent's apps. We also use usage information to prevent matching of riders and drivers for whom there is higher risk of conflict (e.g., because they have been the subject of prior complaints from other users).
    • To prevent, detect and combat fraud in connection with the use of our services. For example, Unirent uses user profile, location, device and usage information, to identify and prevent circumstances when users attempt to defraud Unirent or other users.
    • To inform law enforcement officials regarding criminal acts or threats to public safety.
    • To provide customer support.
    • To optimize our service and develop new services. This includes, for example, identifying the best pick-up / drop locations, recommending (new) features, improving navigation, and enhancing pricing and matching riders and drivers or delivery recipients and partners.
    • For research and analytical purposes. This includes, for example, analyzing usage trends to improve the user experience and enhance the safety and security of our services.
    • For direct marketing purposes. This includes, for example, analysing data to identify trends and tailor marketing messages to user needs.
    • To enforce Unirent's Terms of Service.

d. The processing is necessary for the legitimate interests of other persons or parties

  • Unirent collects and uses personal information to the extent necessary for the interests of other persons or the general public. This includes sharing information in connection with legal or insurance claims, to protect the rights and safety of others.
  • Unirent may also process personal information when necessary in regard to a substantial public interest, on the basis of applicable laws.

e. The processing is necessary to fulfill Unirent's legal obligations

  • Unirent is subject to legal requirements in the jurisdictions in which it operates that require us to collect, process, disclose and retain your personal data. 

f. Consent

  • Unirent may collect and use your information on the basis of your consent. You may revoke your consent at any time. If you revoke your consent, you will not be able to use any service or feature that requires collection or use of the information we collected or used on the basis of consent.
  • Unirent relies on consent in connection with data collections or uses that are necessary to enhance the user experience, to enable optional services or features, or to communicate with you.
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